Ethanol Content may double in gasoline

The ethanol supporters are looking to raise the content of ethanol in every day gasoline from 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline 20 percent ethanol and 80 percent gasoline. This will double the nation’s use of ethanol to further reduce America’s oil consumption. E85 (85 percent ethanol 15 percent gasoline) is still seemingly hard to find in many states, e10 has been utilized greatly across the country.

The only threat that can get this shot down is can today’s cars use twice the ethanol that is currently available in e10? Some say, older vehicle engine’s may not be able to run on e20 because it will damage their engines.

The University of Minnesota and Minnesota State University have conducted studies to help ethanol out. They found that e20 will not damage engine parts. The e20 blend is not enough ethanol for engine parts to break down.

Even though there may be skepticism regarding ethanol as the fuel of the future, numerous states in America have laws requiring a certain percent of ethanol must be used in fuel. In Minnesota, they are looking to change the requirement to 20 percent ethanol in the next few years.

Unfortunately for ethanol, there is still doubt for twenty percent ethanol fuel blends. The main issue facing e20 is will it be able to be consumed by America’s vehicles? The doubters say twenty percent ethanol will corrode normal engine parts unless flex-fuel kits are utilized.

In a USA Today article, USA Today blew the whistle on the move to e20 in Australia. Reportedly, e20 testing in Australia lead to the damage of 40 percent of all the car’s catalytic converters.

In order for e20 to be distributed country wide, the EPA must test the emissions and the effects on engine parts before it will become legal. If e20 is used before the EPA runs their tests, e20 may void the car’s warranty.

2 thoughts to “Ethanol Content may double in gasoline”

  1. I’ve got news for you, 40% of catalytic converters are damaged within 10000 miles of driving off the lot-and thats generous. Catalytic converters burn up because they are there-and if the cat being “damaged” is responisble for unchecked tailpipe emissions like GM or Ford says in USA TODAY, then 75% of vehicles on the road are in that same mode. Catalytic converters are quite possibly the most overlooked and undiagnosed source of driveability and performance problems out there. But thats another feed…

    1. Sounds like we should all get new cars if you ask me. Gas for $4+ a gallon makes no sense to keep our current cars.

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