Earning E85 Ethanol Rewards

In Wisconsin, drivers of E85 ethanol flex-fuel vehicles waited in line for free Cenex gift cards. Anyone who purchased eight and a half gallons or more of e85 between 10am and noon received free twenty dollar gift cards from the the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association.

The promotion was very successful, vehicles of all sizes showed up. They reportedly sold about 500 gallons of E85 during that time and 42 free Cenex gift cards were given out.

Throughout the year of 2007, the ethanol industry were able to produce six and a half billion gallons of ethanol. The produced ethanol is capable of replacing approximately 228 million barrels of foreign oil.

If all vehicles used e85, this alone can reduce ozone-forming pollution by twenty percent. A typical e85 ethanol vehicle operator can save as much as four tons of CO2 every year if they used e85 ethanol instead of regular gas.

Perhaps other markets in the United States should try to push E85 like they do in Wisconsin. With ethanol in the north-east virtually non-existent, this may drive consumer interest up in markets such as this.

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