Converting to ethanol in Australia

Much like in America, ethanol is also booming down under in Australia. According to Tony Kelly, the New South Wales Minister for Regional Development, service stations have been converting vehicles and gas stations as fast as they could.

The only problem is that the employees that complete the ethanol conversions are falling behind due to the very high demand.

The Australian Government has been giving many companies resources to convert their infrastructure from petroleum to ethanol however the resources are set to expire in October of 2007.

The New South Wales Government is asking the Commonwealth to extend the ethanol distribution program for another four years, well past the deadline of October.

Last year, Australia announced plans to provide resources to fuel stations to upgrade their fuel tanks in order for the tanks to carry ethanol along with gasoline.

Originally, the ethanol distribution program was to run for only one year. Tony Kelly says the twelve month time frame is far from enough to upgrade. With public interest and awareness at its peak, now is not the time for pulling the plug on the bio-fuel industry.

Follow this link for more information on converting to ethanol.