Hess using 10 percent ethanol or e10 in their blend of fuel

Yesterday i noticed when i was filling up my car at a local Hess gas station that the fuel contained a blend of 10% ethanol. I was somewhat suprised at this. Has Hess been doing this for a long time now? I can’t say that i have noticed any other gas stations in New Jersey who has been actively using ethanol in their fuels. Has anyone else noticed this?

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  1. I am surprised that no one has answered you. The answer is that we are ALL using 10% ethanol now..as of May 1st. Shell has actually been blending in ethanol for some time now and is currently the largest ethanol user.
    FYI…Ethanol is the component in reformulated gasoline that replaces MTBE. It’s purpose is to enhance the combustion event for more complete combustion….thereby reducing exhaust emissions.
    There is a LOT more to this story and it has been coming for a long time.

    1. Excellent information. From a consumers stand point, that’s the first time I noticed. Ill definately be keeping my eyes open at other retailers. Thanks for the input.

  2. I am seeing the same thing every where. I’d say about 90% of the gas stations that I visit have a little sticker on their pumps saying that the fuel contains 10 percent ethanol. I’ve seen it in Hess, Wawa, Shell, and a few other small chain stations.

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