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Update 06/2008: Since the writing of this post, ethanol conversion kits are now available. You can purchase a e85 ethanol conversion kit here.

It sounds like a simple idea. Converting a car from normal unleaded gasoline to ethanol 85 should be easy with the aid of a conversion kit. Unfortunately, this is not the case, there are no conversion kits available that will pass EPA standards.

In the 1990’s the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put laws into effect that made it rather hard for such conversions. The laws basicly state that if there is a conversion to be made for any type of alternate fuel, the exhaust must be as clean or cleaner than gasoline.

An excerpt from "Today, 99.9 percent of the vehicles that are capable of operating on alternative transportation fuels are produced by the original equipment manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, and DaimlerChrysler. Engineers from these companies are able to design and build vehicles that meet the EPA exhaust emission standards. These companies also are required to warranty the exhaust emissions from these vehicles for 10 years or 100,000 miles, something very few conversion companies are able to accomplish."

At this point there are only two options, convert your car with a non-certified EPA conversion and fail inspections or the better idea of purchasing a new car that is e85 ready. There are many options to choose from, you can view all the cars available at or you can purchase an e85 ethanol conversion kit here.

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  1. I don’t understand how emissions would be a problem if ethanol burns so much cleaner than gasoline. It seams to me the exhaust would be more effective at removing harmful carbons. It removes water,which inturn would make the exhaust last many times longer than they do now!
    Are you a member of the oil cartel that is sucking Americans dry????

    1. Ethanol is an oxygenated fuel that burns cleaner by bringing extra oxygen in the combustion process. The extra oxygen becomes part of the problem: it makes the fuel mixture too lean. Yes, E85 vehicles burn more fuel to produce the same power as regular gasoline. This is the beginning of the problem. Powertrain engineering will change materials used in the fuel injectors, fuel supply lines and some materials in the electric fuel pump to withstand the harsh environment elevated levels of ethanol bring.

      Assuming someone could produce a “E85 Kit”, who would install it? Who would fix it? Who would sell the parts? How long would it last?

      Modern vehicles are computer controlled for accurate emission control. The program software is unique to many things including fuel delivery. Who would you fix that?

    2. There is a lot of political B.S. (to be frank) going on with Ethanol and alternative fuels! It’s sad to think our country would keep back something that is so benefical to all of us! It’s all about the money and the pull for power in big oil corporations and with our government. I am sure we will be in a “state of emergancy” and they will filter in alternative fuels as they did with R12 on coolant systems! When it’s to their benefit they will turn the other way and allow people to have the conversion kits…

    1. I dont think its a matter of Honda coming out with a conversion kit, its a matter of other companies making the parts for the kits.

  2. I have to say that during the winter months in most states 10% Ethanol is used to lower emmissions. One would have to think that you could safely use E-85 in your non-converted car. I think it is a bunch of hype to get us to go out and purchase new cars and conversion kits which only benefit those individuals in those types of business’. I am using a blend ( about 50-50) of Ethanol and Unleaded and have not experienced any problems. I have a 3/4 ton Chevy Suburban. Seems to drive just fine. Does anyone remember when the lead was taken out of gasoline and everyone thought that if you owned a car that required lead fuel that you were not going to be able to drive your car…? Back in the 70’s everyone who had to make the transition from Lead to unleaded seemed to transition just fine.
    Just my opinion.

  3. Much like in America, ethanol is also booming down under in Australia. According to Tony Kelly, the New South Wales Minister for Regional Development, service stations have been converting vehicles and gas stations as fast as they could.

    The only probl

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